Granville Island Market

Granville Island Market is one of the highlights and must-sees in Vancouver! It’s super accessible


Getting there:

  • Ferry ($5 round trip)
  • Bus (around $5 round trip) Use google maps to find the best bus number!
  • Car: but parking for max 3 hrs

It is the biggest market in Vancouver. It is beautifully layout and very organised. Also it is great as there is a HUGE variety of produce. Also due to the huge cultural diversity of Vancouver there is a wide range of international produce available.

Not only is there fruit and veg, but charcuterie, dairy & pastas.

Pasta stand!
Look at this variety of Pâté! Ranging from Rabbit to Duck to Venison









Really unique pastas using seasonal produce

Everything is really well labelled and BC produce is really pushed to the front, which I think is amazing! People in Vancouver are very conscious of buying local, which is great! So much fresher and tastier than imported as you get what is actually in season!

I have to be honest here… it is quite expensive compared to local supermarkets (like No Frills & Independent) so I would not recommend doing all your grocery shopping here! However, it is nice to visit and pick up a few things here and there!!