Amsterdam in ONE DAY!

This city is buzzing so get ready for a very busy day!!

My friend and I decided to visit Amsterdam! Such a great trip together, loads of laughs and lots of fun! 🙂

How did we get there?

We travelled from London to Amsterdam via the Eurostar train. Very easy and a fun experience! The train ride was relaxing and it also was really pretty once you got a good book and some music! There is wifi on the train too! Also we were able to stop off in Antwerp and Brussels, so another plus of the Eurostar! 

However, if you are tight on time you can also get really cheap flight tickets, so entirely up to you!

Where to Eat:

I do not have that many suggestions as it was only a one day trip but here are the places we went to and enjoyed!

  • Pluk cafe

    – really sweet organic cafe! Really modern and great for breakfast! The pancakes were delicious and the basic girl inside me can never deny an Açaí bowl. 



Great mid-range restaurant outside of the Micropia Museum. Amazing food and view of the zoo. 



  • Anne Frank Museum: This is a classic and the most famous attraction for good reason. The house is in fantastic condition and the tour is excellent, informative and concise! *TIP*: buy your tickets online before at a scheduled tour time, it will save you a lot of time in ridiculously long queues!
  • Van Gogh Museum: If you love art or enjoy strolls through galleries I would recommend the Van Gogh museum! It’s got loads of his work from the beginning to the end of his life. Also lots of information about every piece and his life so you can keep up!
  • I Amsterdam: Such a classic but its a must! It super close to the Rijksmuseum and the Van Gogh Museum so you can do it on your way from either!

  • Rijksmuseum: From portraits to sketches to furniture, there is an abundance of historical art that can be found. Definitely worth a visit
  • Rembrandt House: Very informative museum. There are also workshops that teach you about how he made his intricate etchings. Great for fellow art lovers.
  • Walk around the streets and canals: no need for taxis everything is walking distance! 


Where to stay:

  • Airbnb
  • Bed n Breakfast: This is the website we used. Beautiful room and own bathroom for two! View overlooking the river and canals and very central! The host is extremely friendly as well!
  • Hostels: There is mass of hostels in Amsterdam as it is extremely popular with gap year students and backpackers!