Amalfi Coast in a week!


So in this Amalfi Coast Post I will be covering this southern area of Italy. Including, Naples, Pompeii, Ravello, Positano, Sorrento & Capri.

I have bunched them altogether because once you are in the area you might as well see them all! Also, it is really easy to visit them all in less than a week! That’s what we did and if you want I can even email you the itinerary that we used with timings etc, which was perfect!

Notes/ Tips:

  • The hotels may seem a bit pricey, however, need to take it will a grain of salt as even mid-range hotels are expensive! I mean you are on the Amalfi Coast, you cannot expect anything less!
  • I would recommend not renting a car. We used car services or taxis as we all felt more relaxed so we could drink and eat as much as we wanted and enjoy ourselves. Also, the roads are really narrow and windy so definitely a no no for no that confident drivers
  • SHARE!! always good to get a variety of dishes or appetisers and share them! This way everyone gets a taste and also you are able to try a variety. Win win!



So this trip I actually did with my mom and cousin (she also runs a food insta – check it out @ourfoodsteps) SO…. I was meeting my mom she just flew in and I took the train! But she was late and she doesn’t know any Italian! So she flags down a taxi, Nicola, and tells him that she wants to go to the train station and then go for lunch! Well after a lot of miming the language barrier lifts slightly!! After my mom shows Nicola my picture he is ready to try find me at the station! So what do I hear ?! “Reeebeccccaaaaa” loud and clear echoing throughout the station in the thickest Italian accent! Of course I was not prepared for this Italian man to approach me, calling my name throughout the station. Well anyways, (when I got to the car, sure enough he literally presented me to my mum…and off we went to the most amazing local pizzeria!

PIZZERIA SOFIA : This pizza is incredible. Coming from a girl with a dairy and gluten intolerance I have to taste some of my mom’s White sauce pizza with prosciutto! The stomach bloating was so worth it! I am not exaggerating in the slightest when I say this was the best pizza I have ever had! I mean well it is the home of Pizza!

The cheese was so fresh and creamy, light yet flavourful! It was stuffed throughout the crust of the pizza and it was hot and now I’m hungry! Just try it, please!



So more about our taxi driver! He was the friendliest driver we had throughout the whole trip (but tbh my mom always runs into these kind of people that make our trips so much more memorable and fun!) So if you are planning a trip around Naples & Pompeii please email me if you would like his contact! We left our luggage with our passports, jewelry and everything in his car and he looked after it whilst we did a tour of Pompeii! So great to feel comfortable when travelling isn’t it?!




So I highly recommend going to Pompeii after an early lunch in Naples. There isn’t that much to see in Naples and Pompeii is soo close!

We took a tour around Pompeii with an excellent guide that knew all the interesting facts and made the tour very light and enjoyable. This company was extremely flexible with the tours so can be as short or long as you like!

However, you can save some cash and skip the tour guide by reading ahead.



So straight after Pompeii we headed up to Ravello. Easy to get to from Pompeii or Naples, probably the easiest way is by getting a car service! The drive up is stunning and lots of photo-ops so make sure you stop and take a look!

Hotel Parsifal : This is a small, family-run hotel where we stayed. It is absolutely beautiful and amazing for a mid-range budget.

However, if you are looking for a higher range of hotels Ravello also has an amplitude of luxury hotel such as Palazzo Avino and Belmond Hotel Caruso, both well deserved 5* hotels.

In the evening we first stopped at the Hotel Belmont for drinks and hors d’oeuvres at Bubbles bar & Garden. Then headed over to Rossellini’s in Palazzo Avino.

The food was absolutely incredible. Definitely worth it.

However, if you are not one for small plate and fine dining (It’s ok! Not all of us are that kind of foodies!) The Hotel Parsifal did some really amazing pasta and fish dishes.


The town of Ravello is very beautiful and picturesque.

To do in Ravello:

  • Visit the gardens
  • Walk up to Villa Rufolo
  • Shop – lots of boutiques for hats and shoes, etc.
  • Stop for a Coffee break
  • Walk to Amalfi (approx. 1 hr 15) but would recommend (work off all that pasta!)


So when you see pictures of the Amalfi Coast, most of them will be shots of Positano, not the town of Amalfi! So I would quickly look through Amalfi as it is a sweet town, however, Positano is where it is at!

Hotel : Hotel Covo dei Saraceni, 5* Hotel with a spectacular view of the coast, right on the water.

Le Sirenuse is another luxurious 5* hotel


  • Da Vincenzo – The most popular mid-range places to eat. However, is popular for a reason! The food was really delicious and the busyness of the restaurant made it extremely lively. The tables are on the pavement so you can walk people and mopeds pass by.  
  • Ristorante Da Ciccio Cielo Mare Terra, antica trattoria – This was one of the most unique restaurants we visited. All of their vegetables are from their organic garden. I mean listen to this, we even asked for some more zucchini later in our meal (because it was so tasty) and they had to apologise as they had used up the supply from the garden that day. So they are really serious about just using their own produce and sustainability, which I always admire.

  • Lemon Ice-cream is a must when travelling around the Amalfi Coast. It is so fresh and great for a post-dinner snack!

However, sometimes you just do not feel like eating out. Well, we found a perfect solution! Read more about it in my post: Improvised Italian Eats. Guide on having a picnic or eat in during a holiday!



Hotel: Sorrento Flats

So we only spent one day here but that was definitely enough! The town is lovely, however, not tons to do. However, we found the most amazing BnB to stay in, Sorrento Flats. They are great reviews and great price. They also include Breakfast which cuts down costs and also makes is so much easier. The owners are also such lovely people!

Catch the ferry to Capri from here! Very easy & quick! Ferry Schedule


This is the main reason for going to Sorrento. Quattro Passi is a two Michelin star restaurant in Nerano. The food is absolutely e



Now when you think of an Italian holiday, that is Capri. 

Capri was our last stop on this absolutely lavish girls trip. However, as they say, save the best for last. In particular this was my mum’s favourite place. When we first walked around she says, I quote, “now, this, this is where I belong”. There is something in the air that just relaxes you. A rustic elegance. A stunning island.

Hotel: Hotel Mamela

I would recommend just looking on Trip adviser or bookings.com for hotels and look for the best bargain or price. Everything is really central as the island is so small.

To Do:

  • Take a boat tour (private or shared) around the island. Really relaxing, swimming, tanning, bring a speaker and listen to some music! Or even take some wine, small bites and have a picnic on the boat! As mentioned below, benefit of private boat is more relaxing and comfortable, also flexible as not on a fixed plan!
  • Monte Solaro – Breathtaking view from the top of Capri. Two options: walk it (1hr hike) or chairlift (12 mins)
  • Grotta Azzurra – Capri is filled with great Grottos. However, a plus of a private tour is that they can take you to less busy but equally or more beautiful Grottos and caves. Some of the queues for the more “famous” grottos could be around 45 minutes wait when on commercial tours!!


  • Da Paulino – A restaurant built in a lemon grove. Really stunning as the balcony is entirely covered with lemon. Make sure to have some Limoncello at the end of your meal!  
  • La Fontelina – Small yet exclusive restaurant and beach club on the south of Capri. Trying to get a booking for this restaurant will have to be planned at the beginning of the holiday. We, however did not know this so it took a lot of convincing to let us get a table for 10 (yes, 10, we really do push our luck sometimes). My mum says the only reason they gave us a table with such late notice is, one, Jamaica always sounds so exotic and two, the guy on the phone was so sick of us calling and asking that he felt sorry for us. But got us there! and it was a really lovely meal! Definitely go for the seafood, so calamari (always a good choice), fish and pasta.



So that was it for our Girls Trip around Amalfi! Thanks for reading! I hope you got some more info and please email me for more detail or even our complete itinerary! I am more than happy to share.