It’s Rebecca here, welcome to my blog, “Get Busy Eating” where I will recommend restaurants and tips for your travels all around the globe!

So a bit about me… I know, I know, bit of a late start on the uprising travel blogs but thought it would be a great opportunity to start one since I’m currently on my gap year, which entails a lot of travelling.. and eating!! Both things I love doing.

The main reason for me starting this blog is not for fame or anything like that. It is simply because, firstly, I love food (obviously) but secondly it will hopefully prevent people from wasting their time (and money!!) eating at places that aren’t good when there may be one so much better around the corner!! Thirdly, I want to hopefully save you some time by making it so much easier to find what you are looking for in each country.

The website is predominantly food based, however, I will also give some really useful tips for the different cities, highlighting things that I either found extremely helpful or activities or sites I may have missed, but really wished I had known about before I planned my trip!

Hope you guys enjoy and please message me! I would love any suggestions or recommendations for restaurants or fun places of interest, photos, video clips, tips or anything useful
to people like us that love discovering new Food and Places to eat them!! Also, let me know when you may like some more in depth knowledge! But in the meantime…GET BUSY EATING ALREADY!!